Foreign Language learning is one prosperous field to make a future with and India is one attractive investment market for many of the foreign investors. A trained team of language experts helps to smoothen the work between two entities from different culture and language background. Understanding of language and culture not only minimise the time to get things done but also create a happy environment between the working entities from different cultures.

Foreign languages courses like French, German Italian, Spanish always remained talk of time. With rise of China as an economic giant Chinese language learner increased globally with our institute in Gurgaon. Japanese and Korean language and culture study is new favourite among learners at global diction studio.

We are training expats in Hindi and Indian culture vice versa we teach Indian working professionals in language and cultures and as per their need. We have customised lessons for working professional along with flexibility of time in a very competitive budget. A language can make a difference in your resume and increase your chances to get hired.