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A1 Begineer

Perform within the most immediate, predictable areas of need, using essentially conversational Spanish. This is an intensive module for absolute beginners. The emphasis in this course by our special Spanish courses in gurgaon is on acquiring a sound knowledge of the structure of the language as well as basic vocabulary and cultural insights while developing the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.

A2 Survival

Spanish classes in Gurgaon develop competence in a range of language tasks performed in familiar work and social contexts, enhance skills in reading and listening and support the knowledge and use of Spanish grammar and pattern.

B1 Practical Level

Gain the competence of a native speaker in terms of translation and confidently participate more actively in work, study and social context in Spanish-speaking countries. Spanish courses in Gurgaon corroborate you for future and Spanish language has a lot of job opportunities waiting for you.

B2 Conversational

Strengthen reading, writing skills and the communicative skills acquired so far. Get further insights into the culture of Spanish-speaking countries.

C1 Advance Level

Develop linguistic and cultural competence in using Spanish language in different social situations, and socialize effectively in the native speaking countries. Spanish classes in Gurgaon will help students learn by reflect on their own strengths, weaknesses and strategies in language learning.

C2 Proficent

Increase intercultural-social awareness and practical communication in business in/with the Spanish community. Spanish courses in Gurgaon offered by us are purely for the betterment of the students.

Spanish language is one of the most flourishing languages in Indian education curriculum. School and university students find it interesting to learn and many hobby learners find a new space experiencing the new culture and language on Netflix and other digital platforms. These digital platforms surely gave new hopes and enthusiasm to learners to learn more than one language. Spanish language Olympiad is a competitive exam where school students set new benchmark. Professionals are also seeking to learn this language in order to have a smooth their conversation with their counterparts. And lot many authors finds it interesting to translate Spanish literature to Hindi. Global Diction Studio offers Spanish language courses that are customised according to your needs with expert faculty of trained professionals who have experience of more than 10 years in their respective field. Our competitive pricing and curriculum will surely ensure you learning catered to your need.

Just send a message & receive quote for the interested language. Join the ranks of more than two thousand students expanding their horizons with us. Venture beyond language into a conscious stream of cultural awareness. Learn with us.