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More than 130 million people speak Japanese, making it the ninth most widely spoken language in the world. Outside of Japan, there are another 5 million people who speak Japanese with some degree of proficiency – predominantly Japanese descendants in Hawaii and Brazil. Japanese language services have become extremely important in social and business settings.


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Introduction to the Language

Introduction to the Language

The module helps you to read and understand scripts written in hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji. This level is the introduction to the Japanese Scripts, Grammar, Structure and cultural aspects along with basic spoken and listening.

Business Japanese (BJT)

This is business course for the corporate employees. It is conducted by the JETRO (Japanese External Trade Organisation). This is the more business vocabulary induced course for comprehensive and verbal spoken language.

International Exams Preparations

EJU (Entrance for Japanese Universities) are the examination conducted by the university for direct admission. This exam consist of Japanese N5/N4 level and other topics. This level will help you to understand topics that are regularly encountered.


Courses starting from 22,000/-

JLPT-N5 Level

The module helps you to read and understand some typical expressions and sentences written in hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji. Moreover, Japanese N5 level will help you to understand topics that are regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations.

JLPT-N4 Level

The module is designed to help you read and understand passages on familiar topics written in basic vocabulary and kanji. Japanese language N4 course will help you to have understand and comprehend conversation in daily life, you can read and write different scripts  at the end of this module.

JLPT-N3 Level

With the increase in the level of Japanese language, you will be able to read difficult writings encountered in everyday situations and you will also be able to understand the main points of the content at the end of this module. You can also comprehend coherent conversations.

We collaborate with the corporate sector as well as the education industry to help you seamlessly transition through these boundaries of language.

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Sunil Kumar

HOD, Japanese Department

Sunil Kumar

Japanese Trainer, Manesar

Sunil Kumar

Online Japanese Trainer

Students Reviews

"They have a very structured/objective based, yet highly adaptable approach to teaching, which has been extremely effective. We work together through a great course, which I have found very useful with respect to building a good vocabulary and understanding of Japanese grammar. Teachers are super patient and has manner of delivery which I have found to be very re-assuring but also challenging when required. I'm not the most confident language learner, they takes this into account and pushes just enough without being overbearing. I'd say they is capable of teaching Japanese to any level/objective. Whether your aim is basic travel communication or fluency. Highly recommended!"
Gaurav Kumar
Sony, India
"Sunil Sensei is a confident and able teacher who is friendly and fun to learn with. He tailors his teaching to my needs as a beginner learning the language for the first time. The lessons progress at a speed that is comfortable for me, allowing me to cement my understanding as I progress.I like the fact that the content of the lessons is structured and has a clear focus/objective, I can see the progression I making. Furthermore, I am developing an understanding of the mechanics of the language in a context that allows me to apply what I have learned in 'real life' situations. I am still having lessons with them and cannot recommend their teaching highly enough!"
Amazon Japan
"The online course for learning Japanese is very interactive and Sunil sensei not only teaches about the language but about the culture as well and makes it’s comparatively easier to learn Japanese."
Sheehan Mittal
Sunil san is an excellent tutor of the Japanese language. He is very knowledgeable and focussed on delivering a professional service and achieving the outcomes that his students wishes. I would highly recommend Sunil san as a Japanese tutor.
Vikram Nain
Engg. Maruti Suzuki
"I learnt Japanese from Global Diction Studio. It was a very good experience. The teachers are very friendly and helpful. I would recommend everyone who is looking to learn Japanese for Professional or as a hobby should definitely give it a try with a demo class. "​
Manish Kumar

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