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French is the official language in 39 countries with a total of about 9.1 million people worldwide speaking French as their mother to. French is an international language of aeronautics, architecture, dance, visual arts, theatre, fashion, haute cuisine. Learning French is as beneficial as fashionable it may sound. It is the only language spoken across all the five continents other than English and it is also the second most taught language after English. At Global Diction Studio our main focus remains on oral understanding of phonetics of the language. We are providing different French language courses, both online as well as offline, at a very competitive price with a well trained and experienced faculty in Gurgaon. The classes can be accustomed to your learning needs. Our French language course classes in Gurgaon follow the guidelines of Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) so one can give French proficiency examinations (DELF/DALF) with ease.

Weekend batches, Online & Offline classes Available

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Starting from ₹ 12,000/-

A1 Beginner Level

A1 Beginner Level

The absolute beginners friendly module emphasis on acquiring the sound knowledge of the language's structure as well as basic vocabulary & cultural insights while developing the speaking, listening, reading & writing skills.

A2 Survival Level

A2 Survival Level

After finishing this module one will be able to understand isolated phrases and common expressions that are widely used. One can successfully communicate about simple tasks, familiar topics and matters of immediate need.

B1 Practical Level

B1 Practical Level

This level emphasis on enhancing clear standard speech on familiar subjects at work, school, etc. One will be able to produce simple text on familiar subjects of personal interest & narrate an event, an experience or their goals.

B2 Conversational Level

B2 Conversational Level

This module will help in understanding the main ideas of any complex text. One can communicate with a degree of spontaneity and fluency during a conversation with a native speaker. One can speak in a clear, detailed way on a number of subjects.

C1 Advance Level

C1 Advance Level

After completing this level one will be able to understand a wide range of long and complex texts. One can express themselves freely without fumbling for words and can use the language effectively and fluently in a social, professional or academic context.

C2 Proficient Level

C2 Proficient Level

One can effortlessly understand almost everything they read/hear. One can make a coherent summary of events/arguments from oral/written sources. One can express themselves precisely in a spontaneous, fluent way, conveying finer shades of meaning.


French language have about 76 million native speakers, about 235 million fluent speakers and 70-110 million speakers who speak it as second language to varying degree of proficiency. The number of people learning French language is increasing rapidly reason being the emerging economies and opportunities for employments and business deals. Learning French can open up endless opportunities, on both a personal and professional level. You'll have the ability to communicate with millions of people, travel comfortably through dozens of countries, add a valuable asset to your CV, open up you to a whole new market and placements at better places.


French is considered one of the most important language in International business. Schools, colleges, universities, and workplaces strongly take this into consideration. Teaching a children French curriculum at an early age is extremely important. French is an fun and exciting language for children to learn. It is the most commonly taught language in public and private schools. Knowing French is always a bonus for career prospective. The earlier children start learning, the easier it will be for them to master the language.

French is one of the most popular foreign languages in India. There is a huge demand in India for French-speakers in civil and diplomatic services, foreign embassies, jobs in MNCs and export houses, translator, content writer, instructor and media among many other positions. Thus, it is clear that learning French can open up enormous professional options and with fluency in the language will surely take the career higher than ever.

During the last two decades, French has become the most sought after language in IB and IGCSE curriculum under National Education Policy(NEP) . The traditionally elite CBSE, ICSE schools like Modern School, Sanskriti School, Doon School, Mayo College and the like are offering French language in their curriculums.

How can GDS help here?

To lessen the burden of kids of learning the language in school batches in a large group of children, Global Diction Studio provides French course cum tuition classes that covers your school curriculum along with additional grammar and vocabulary learning with a deep cultural insight. We offer School curriculum based sessions according to you needs and preferences. We provide you with the best learning experience by teaching a simpler and better approach to learn the concept of the language .

Our Happy Students


Global Diction Studio is a genuine institution teaching foreign languages in India. It's team of trainers and teachers is highly motivated and dedicated especially in imparting training on Asian languages i.e., Japanese, Korean, Mandarin, and others. They are equally good at other foreign languages. We wish all the best and success in their endeavours.

GDS has great teachers and they put in lots of efforts- such as extra cultural classes for a better understanding of the language and culture. The learning experience has been amazing. Thank you to our teachers and whole team of Global Diction Studio for being so supportive and approachable! I'm happy with my learning.

The most dedicated people are working to teach you the language. Interactive classes and equal focus on each student by all the teachers. Great experience so far. I really appreciate the patience of teachers against weird questions asked by us. Teachers are approachable and available for any required help. They will make you fall in love with language with cultural information and using different resources as study material and with a lot of Korean drama, food suggestions.

Global Diction Studio doesn't only introduce you to a new language but also makes an effort to familiarize you with the culture of the language. They understood my schedule and offered a class schedule that suited it. The class experience is fun & dynamic. Our teachers have made every session really interesting and interactive. If you're someone who is scared to approach a new language, I'm sure Global Diction Studio will help you overcome all the hurdles.

Global Diction Studio is truly the one stop destination for learning languages in a fun and more interactive way. I started my Japanese language learning journey with GDS which has been really helpful for my professional growth. And soon after acquiring an intermediate level proficiency in the language I also enrolled myself for the business Chinese/ Mandarin course at the institute, and I had a wholesome experience of learning here. I would suggest everyone to give it a try if interested in learning languages.

안녕하세요!! Its literally hard to find an institute that suits you to your requirements. I had also gone through that phase. But then I got to know about GDS. Global Diction Studio is not only a type of institute that just focus on completing course, but it's also providing cultural knowledge and etiquettes of that language's country. My learning experience was so good there. The teachers are so supportive and act like my guardians during my course duration. Overall, it's fun, exciting, and worth learning experience.

I had a very warm and enriching experience taking my online classes for foreign languages at Global Diction Studio. The teachers which I were sorted by were very understanding, reliable and caring towards how the pacing should go for a particular student if he/she may have difficulty in his/her learning language of interest .....I learned a lot from my teachers here and had a knowledgeable experience !

Thanks to my teacher and her holistic approach towards the fundamentals of the Korean language, I have a strong foundation now, which is imperative for any beginner. GDS is a great place to achieve your language goals as they have a very diverse way of language immersion for students. From cultural classes to extra revision sessions, they are always ready to give students any additional help required.

The classes were not just limited to theoretical knowledge but also had application-based classes. The concepts and words were taught using real life situations and examples. Practical conversation classes are a highlight here that help with the pronunciation and fluency of the language. Overall, the classes are great if you want to learn Mandarin/ Chinese language for practical use with easy understanding and not just certification.

It was a great learning experience. Our teachers helped me to retain the enthusiasm with which I started, throughout the course. Their command on the language is commendable. Regular homework, speaking practice and the easy-to-understand teaching made the whole process of learning a new language very efficient. They take every doubt and never rushes the pace too much. I thank GDs for always encouraging and helping me.