Frequently Asked Questions

How can I enrol in a programme? You can contact us on the number given below. Accordingly, a counsellor will be assigned to you to take your further queries.
How can I make the payment? You can NEFT or UPI transfer to our account and cash payment is also accepted. If you face any difficulties whilst making payment, please call us or send an email and we will be happy to help with the process
Is study material included in the course? Yes, we will provide you all the relevant study materials and it is included in the course fee.
Do I receive a certificate at the end of the course? Yes, students are rewarded with a certificate after successful completion of the course.
What is the time and mode of the study? We will customize the timings and mode according to your preference.
What is the average class size? The average class size is 3 to 5 students.
Are the teachers native speakers? For beginners level, we provide teachers who are familiar with your native tongue so that you can understand the new concepts easily and in connection to your native language. For Advance levels we provide native speakers of the language you are learning.
Can I choose more than one language to learn at a time? Yes, you can choose to learn more than one language at a time depending on your own ability.
What happens if I miss a class? If anyone missed a class then we can allow them to different batch of same lesson to cover up the content missed or you can ask your trainer to share the notes of the lesson with you.
What kind of study material is provided by your institute? Our coursebooks are aligned with the international exam standards set by the ministry for each language. Along with the course book we share Pdfs and other study material as well and also suggests online platforms like you tube for the topics covered in the class for better understanding.
Are the courses affordable? Yes, we offer courses with the best competitive prices with good value for money without any extravagance. We also provide instalment options to make the process easier for you.
Is there any trial or demo classes ? Of course! Your personal satisfaction matters a lot to us. You can take a demo class prior to finalizing your registration with us. Once you are satisfied with the demo class, then you can register yourself for the course opted.
Is the demo class free or paid ? The demo sessions are absolutely free of cost and you can take one prior to joining the course.
How much time it takes to learn the language? Language learning is a time consuming process. It requires patience and determination but it is all worth it at the end. Generally it takes around 03 - 05 months to learn Level 1 of any language. Overall anyone can achieve a basic fluency and understanding of reading, writing, speaking and listening by dedicatedly studying for a year minimum. According to your pace you can cover at least 2 - 3 levels in any language in the time span of a year.