7 Netflix Series & Movies that can help you Learn Spanish Language

These series and movies offer immersive language learning experiences and provide valuable exposure to Spanish language and culture in various contexts. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced learner, watching content in Spanish can significantly enhance your language skills and fluency.

Here are seven Netflix series and movies that can help you learn Spanish language:


This gripping crime drama series follows the rise and fall of Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar. Set in Colombia, the show features a mix of Spanish and English dialogue, offering viewers exposure to authentic Colombian accents and slang.

2. Money Heist

This Spanish heist crime drama series has gained international acclaim for its intricate plot and compelling characters. Set in Madrid, the show provides immersive exposure to conversational Spanish while following a group of robbers executing a plan to print billions of euros.

3. Elite

A teen drama series set in a prestigious private school in Spain, “Elite” follows the lives of three working-class students who enroll in the school on scholarships. The show explores themes of class divide, love, and betrayal, offering viewers a glimpse into contemporary Spanish youth culture and language.

4. Club de Cuervos

This Mexican comedy-drama series revolves around a wealthy family that owns a soccer team, Club de Cuervos. The show features a mix of Spanish and English dialogue, providing viewers with exposure to Mexican Spanish and colloquial expressions.

5. Instructions Not Included

This heartwarming Mexican comedy film tells the story of a carefree playboy who unexpectedly becomes a single father to a young girl. The film offers a mix of humor and emotional depth while providing viewers with exposure to Mexican Spanish.

6. The Invisible Guest

A Spanish thriller film that follows the story of a successful businessman accused of murder. Through a series of flashbacks and plot twists, the film keeps viewers on the edge of their seats while exposing them to conversational Spanish in a suspenseful context.

7. Casa de mi Padre

A Mexican-American comedy film starring Will Ferrell, “Casa de mi Padre” is a parody of telenovelas (Spanish soap operas). The film features exaggerated acting, melodramatic plotlines, and humorous dialogue, making it an entertaining way to learn Spanish while enjoying a good laugh.

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