Mankind and language have the relation of a body and a soul. Just like without a soul a body is lifeless, humans are the same without their language. Language is a vital part of human life and connection, it gives the ability to communicate, to express and to form a bond. We cannot even imagine our life without our languages. It is in everything we do – reading, speaking, writing, listening. Apart from being in our every moment of daily life, formal education and work , Language itself has great career opportunities. There always has been demand of polyglots and with the globalisation and world becoming a small place, this demand is increasing exponentially.

Learning a language which is not ours is not definitely not a piece of cake. It requires investing time and efforts, commitment, consistency and a lot of studying. These are the requirements nobody can deny but apart from them, there are lot of misconceptions regarding learning a new language or particularly Asian languages which can discourage anyone from achieving their language learning goals. Here we are going to call into question all the myths regarding to Asian language learning and discuss them one by one.

  • Learning Asian Languages doesn’t help in career – It is generally believed that learning Asian languages doesn’t provide you any advancement in career. It’s a huge myth as living in the Asian Century with so many Asian countries leading the world in development, the future is Asian Even in India, with so many Asian companies investing and doing business, their language will open the doors of many opportunities.
  • Learning English Language is enough – It’s the impact of the Colonial Era that we still feel that learning English language is enough to work or live anywhere internationally, especially in India that’s the But it might come as a shock to those people that about 75% world population doesn’t even speak English. Hence we need to broaden our perspective.
  • Age Factor makes it impossible – It’s more of a societal and personal mindset than a myth that after a certain age you cannot learn new things, especially a Yes it is difficult but not impossible. You can study whatever you wish regardless of age. According to a recent report by MIT Scientist, adults learn language nearly as well as children. So, if you are an adult and passionate about learning a language then just like children, you can also learn with your intelligence, consistency, and discipline in your language learning.
  • One should learn Spanish or French as they are more common and popular languages – Again this is a myth that apart from English, Spanish and French are the only globally common and popular Recent trend shows that Asian languages are the rapidly growing languages. Among top 10 languages around the world 5 are the Asian languages that people are learning more and more.
  • Special talent or skill is needed to learn a language – This is a baseless myth because every human being on the Earth has language learning It’s part of the basic human nature. Nobody has some unique talent or skill to learn languages than others, so if one fail or succeed in learning a language its totally the result of the commitment, approach and practice one put in. This is applicable to every language including Asian languages too.
  • Books, Apps, Anime and Dramas are the best language learning resources – With various free language learning apps, OTT platform filled with every language dramas and anime and endless books in the market, people believe they can learn their desired language with them. Yes, you can learn something with their help like vocabulary but thinking they are sufficient to learn a language completely is entirely wrong. The basic and best way of learning a new language is to practice it by having conversations with real people. Even the best book or app cannot give you this kind of platform to achieve
  • Asian languages are the most difficult and boring – Well again this kind of generalisation is not entirely true and can be the major discouraging Yes, Asian languages can be difficult but it first of all it depends on your native language and secondly it depends on your hard work and interest too. But Asian languages are not boring at all, they are different and they represent their culture.
  • Learning Asian language is all about Pop culture and dramas : It’s a very misleading and narrow approach about Asian language and There’s more to learning Asian Language than only pop culture and dramas. If one goes even slightly deeper, the vast literary and cultural aspects of Asia will amaze them.
  • Asian Language Courses are expensive – This myth is not entirely Yes, some tutors and language institutes can be costly but still it doesn’t have to be that always. There are many easy

accessible and affordable resources available on the online platform or in the form of books too. And with the rising demand of Asian languages, even various institutes provide flexible curriculum based learning courses which are quite affordable.

  1. Lack of good learning institutions for Asian Languages – That’s entirely false as since so many years top universities have Asian language departments which provide quality Various cultural centres are also there. And with the increasing demand and rise in interest for Asian language learning, a number of private institutions are providing great quality of learning. The accessibility is also so flexible these days with the online courses offered by them.

At the end, I would like to say that whenever we start something new which requires courage and efforts, we shouldn’t automatically believe what’s being said and spread around. When we have total faith in ourselves and find proper guidance, all the myths just begin to fade away. Hence, don’t believe these myths blindly, try to reason out these language learning misconceptions and take the leap. Start your Asian language learning journey and make it as much interesting as you want to. Good Luck!!