Our Story

At Global Diction Studio we focus on not just what the language is about but we dare to venture beyond the language barriers into the souls and hearts of those that constitute the language and the culture built around it.

We believe in helping you find your broadest horizons and fresher perspectives. We are not language coaches , but a portal into the culture and people of those who intertwined with these languages.

Language for Business

Are you a large corporation or a part of a multi national company that constantly requires great trade relations overseas including non-english speaking countries? Fret not!

We can have you or your whole team ready to manage , build and maintain relations as well as conduct business overseas with the proficiency and functionality of a native speaker at your convenience and your time.

Corporate Projects

We don’t like to toot our own horn , so we let our work do it for us. Hear from some of our clients and students about their experiences with us.


They have a very special way of inspiring young people like us. We need more teachers like them in our corporation and institute. Before meeting them, I never thought that a person could be a teacher, support, mentor and philosopher all in one! I can't thanks them enough for all your their work and dedication. ​
Deepika Singh
HR Manager, Pepsico
It was a pleasure to be taught by them. They made is super simple and interesting to understand the language which was seemingly very difficult. They went as per my pace of learning and ensured that I was upto speed from previous classes before I moved ahead. I would highly recommend them​.
Punit Gupta
Director Business Strategy, Samsung
I never thought that learning Korean is so easy. Their approach was very simple which helped us grasp maximum vocabulary and grammar in a very short time. Interactive sessions, constant review and feedback helped me improve my speaking, writing and learning skills. I couldn't recommend her enough.
Prashant Kumar
Deputy Manager, Kia Motors
My experience here was amazing. The teachers were friendly and cooperative. They not only ensure each student's comfort and monitor personal progress but they make language learning into something incredibly fun.
Rohit Jaiswal
Manager, Whirlpool Corporation
Their extensive knowledge and intensive curriculum not only prepared me for what I'm about to face but also gave me the confidence to be able to look beyond the boundaries of language and culture. I've never had better teachers.
Sakshi Vyas
University of Technology, Sydney
The best thing about them is the dedicated effort they put in all their students. Chinese is a difficult language but the ease with which they help you unravel its mysteries is beyond commendable. Don't look further , They're worth it.
Ravi Sehgal
TAC Director, Huawei