Through various programs, Korean Studies Promotion Service (KSPS) has been supporting universities, institutes and researchers all around the world, under the goal of nurturing and promoting Koreanology studies and education on the global stage. The KSPS Global Programs Platform in particular is designed to fund projects that would contribute to 

① Establishing basic infrastructure and environment for Koreanology research and education around the world.

② Training foreign Koreanology experts.

③ Spreading academic resources needed in Koreanology research and education.

④ Exchanges of academic accomplishments and expertise between Korea and the world. Projects for individual researchers, research teams, and institutes including universities, are announced annually. Selectees will be funded annually for a designated period of time. 

Acceptance of applications will commence early next year, after an official announcement. Please find the attached files for detailed information. We hope you find this information to be useful. And there is a questionnaire , to which your input will be most appreciated. If possible please share the questionnaire with your students. Your enthusiasm, interest and participation are dearly welcome and appreciated in advance.

Thank you very much.

Best Wishes  KSPS

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