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Each level of the language requires a functional knowledge of it’s previous level , however , the first level is open to all those who wish to learn. Irrespective of age , special learning needs , responsibilities , commitments and impossible travel schedules , we will cater to your needs and will help you learn mandarin language.

Our faculties are extremely dedicated to bring about a holistic development in each student’s cultural awareness and language proficiency , they seek only that their student respect their time and efforts and welcome the new language with an open mind and open arms. Join us take our mandarin classes in gurgaon. 

We collaborate with the corporate sector as well as the education industry to help you seamlessly transition through these boundaries of language and would like to help you to learn Mandarin language

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Our pricing is designed to help us provide you with premium services at an affordable rate. Find our Mandarin classes in Gurgaon.


The Chinese Language Proficiency Test  has six levels: HSK 1, HSK 2, HSK 3, HSK 4, HSK 5 & HSK 6. 

Introduction to the language

Perform within the most immediate, predictable areas of need, using essentially conversational Mandarin.  Introduce yourself to the wonders of Pinyin .Talk about money, numbers and dates , receive visitors , introduce yourself in social or business settings , express basic opinions, other elementary concepts of the language



Exam Preparation

Entrance Exam for Universities are the examination conducted by the university for direct admission. This exam consist of HSK level 1 & 2  and other topics. This level will help you to understand topics that are regularly encountered.




Conversational Courses

Engage in detailed conversation with Native speakers. Satisfy most social and everyday routine needs , identify and write basic Mandarin characters Learn as many as 800 words and their usage.






Level 1

The module helps you to read and understand some typical expressions and sentences written in basic Characters. Moreover, This level will help you to understand topics that are regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations.


Level 2

This level focuses on your ability to clearly understand more sophisticated expressions in the native dialect as well as to train your ear for their accents and to make you culturally aware of the know how in the state.


Level 3-4

Perform effectively in most informal and formal situations pertinent to social and community life, as well as everyday commerce and recreation. Read simple passages written in Mandarin Characters

Meet the Instructor

Sangeeta Yadav

An instructor in language arts since 2005 , Sangeeta Yadav is the prize jewel of this institute. Decorated with three masters degrees where she has majored in Language , Literature , Political Science and Philosophy , she works dedicatedly with a unique perspective.

Having spent several years in the native land of Taiwan and South Korea , she understands not just the language but the people and the culture attached to it. An author of six research papers , Sangeeta is known for her bold ideas and her fearless execution of the same and also loves teaching and passionate to learn Mandarin language. 

There is much to be said about her achievements and the laurels she brings with her , she’s been a Taiwanese government scholar and a winner of the Korean foundation scholarship to pursue her PhD in South Korea but what sets her apart from the rest of the world her unconditional love for the languages she pursues. Found her at Mandarin classes in Gurgaon.

Sangeeta Mandarin

Chinese Language  #chineselanguage is the need of the hour. We are sharing border with #China which the biggest manufacturing hub in the world. The only economy making goods of all categories on a price people want. Anyhow it is impossible for us to ignore this giant threat or you can say a trade partner. So, we as Indians need to learn Chinese language in order to handle our current economic transaction with our biggest trade partner today and also the other #AsianTigers who speak #Mandarin needs our attention. Mandarin is a scientific language with less #grammar structure and more of character-based learning. Global Diction Studio is running huge batches of Chinese learners with different proficiency levels. Our trained faculty is masters in both #traditional and #simplified characters and we are offering Chinese language lessons at lowest prices with the best faculty with 15 years of experience from the industry and academics.  We train people in #HSK and #TOCFL and also teaching online   students of  #IGCSE board in #Singapore.

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