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Each level of the language requires a functional knowledge of it’s previous level , however , the first level is open to all those who wish to learn. Irrespective of age , special learning needs , responsibilities , commitments and impossible travel schedules , we will cater to your needs

Our faculties are extremely dedicated to bring about a holistic development in each student’s cultural awareness and language proficiency , they seek only that their student respect their time and efforts and welcome the new language with an open mind and open arms

We collaborate with the corporate sector as well as the education industry to help you seamlessly transition through these boundaries of language

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Tuition per level

Our pricing is designed to help us provide you with premium services at an affordable rate. 

INR 18,000

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The official Korean curriculum comprises of six levels out of which we recommend that the student complete atleast four to attain a fluency

A 3

Beginner Korean

Use basic commands of Korean for survival, such as purchasing, greetings,
ordering, etc. It helps you in expressing and understanding simple everyday conversation by making simple sentences from 800 basic words.

B1 (1)

conversational Korean

Discuss topics like family and employment by advancing your vocabulary up to 1500-2000 words. It will also let you distinguish between formal and informal situation.

I1 (1)

Intermediate Korean

Enhance your knowledge and carry out transactions with people in public spaces and maintain social relationships.Understand the correct usage of
words and speech. Command the fundamental characteristics of Korean.

I1 (2)

Intermediate II : Korean

Comprehend news articles, general social issues and abstract topics with accuracy and fluency. Comprehend Korean social and cultural content relying on essential idioms and Understand representative aspects of Korean culture easily.

B1 (4)

Native Speaking Proficiency

Become proficient in using the Korean language in professional research or work. Understand and discuss less familiar topics in politics and economics easily. Use appropriate expressions and distinguish formal and informal written and spoken language by context.

A 2

Advanced Korean

Have a complete knowledge of Korean language for professional research or work. Be as fluent as a native speaker and express oneself with absolute ease.

Meet the instructors

Sangeeta Mandarin

Sangeeta Yadav

Professor of Korean Language studies since 2005 . An author of six research papers and winner of the Korean government foundation scholarship . Director of Korean Literature . 

Nikki Korean

Nikita Yadav

Passionate , dedicated and tireless in terms of the countless hours she puts into her work before , during and after each lecture.Our newest joinee and our most appreciated faculty.

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