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Each level of the language requires a functional knowledge of its previous level; however, the first level is open to all those who wish to learn. Irrespective of age, special learning needs, responsibilities, commitments or impossible travel schedules, we will cater to your needs. Japanese language course in Gurgaon ensures quality learning with us.

Our faculties are extremely dedicated to bring about a holistic development in each student’s cultural awareness and language proficiency , they seek only that their student respect their time and efforts and welcome the Japanese language course with an open mind and open arms. 

We collaborate with the corporate sector as well as the education industry to help you seamlessly transition through these boundaries of language

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language course in Gurgaon   has an ample number of benefits starting from Japanese Translator,
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The Japanese Language Proficiency Test  has five levels: N1, N2, N3, N4 and N5. The easiest level is N5 and the most difficult level is N1.

N4 and N5 measure the level of understanding of basic Japanese mainly learned in class. N1and N2 measure the level of understanding of Japanese used in a broad range of scenes in actual everyday life. N3 is a bridging level between N1/N2 and N4/N5.

Linguistic competence required for the JLPT is expressed in terms of language activities, such as Reading and Listening, as shown in the table below. While not noted in the table, Language Knowledge, such as Vocabulary and Grammar, is also required for successful execution of these activities.

N5 Level

The module helps you to read and understand some typical expressions and sentences written in hiragana, katakana, and basic kanji. Moreover, Japanese N5 level will help you to understand topics that are regularly encountered in daily life and classroom situations.


N4 Level

The module is designed to help you read and understand passages on familiar topics written in basic vocabulary and kanji. Japanese language N4 course will help you to have listen and comprehend conversation in daily at the end of this module.



N3 Level

With the increase in the level of Japanese language, you will be able to read difficult writings encountered in everyday situations such as newspaper articles and you will also be able to understand the main points of the content at the end of this module. You can also comprehend coherent conversations encountered in daily life after this module.

N2 Level

The module is designed to help you read materials written on a variety of topics, such as articles and commentaries in newspapers and magazines as well as simple critiques, and it will also help you in comprehending their contents. You will also be able to read narratives and will be able understand the intent of the writer. You can easily understand any conversation spoken at a normal pace at the end of this module.

N1 Level

This module helps you to understand any written material of complex structure or of abstract form. With the help of Japanese language institute in Gurgaon You will be able to comprehend any spoken text easily and will be able to communicate fluently with anyone at the end of this module



Meet the Instructor

Sunil Kumar

Our Japanese trainer will surprise you with not only his knowledge on language and culture but he will also introduce you with every aspect of Life in Japan. A Mechanical Engineer who accidently fell in love with Japanese language & culture and cleared highest level Japanese Language Proficiency Exam in one just go. Even after cracking N1 Exam in Japanese language his curiosity never stopped him and he is now moving ahead to publish his experience of travel to Japan and his challenges in way to be proficient in Japanese language.

One of the most versatile teachers of the institute in the matters of teaching methods and getting through to students. 



Students Review

Sunil sir is very intelligent, thoughtful and attentive to students needs. He has deep knowledge of Japanese language, culture and lifestyle. Strongly recommend Sunil Sir to anyone who is looking for an amiable, intelligent and respectful Japanese teacher. "
Bansilal Kumar
I have learned N5 & N4 from here and cleared the JLPT N4 in one go. "The teacher is very nice and has a good command over the language, knows a lot about the Japanese culture and quite interactive, one of the best faculties for the Japanese language that I have come across. "
Naman Kumar
"One of the best teacher in my life, who teaches the Japanese language in a very easy way. He knows a lot about the culture and first-hand experience of Japan. Lastly, I would say that it was wonderful to experience with him. "
Hari om
"Sunil gave perfect light to all my queries in a manner that made me through all those I was looking for. Still look further for same kind of enthusiasm for to anyone who needs same short of support. "
Mitul B Gondaliya
"Sunil Sensei Japanese language classes are best as he combines lessons with culture and provides you an in depth understanding of language and etiquettes followed by Japanese at work place. Take a demo and experience the difference in learning."
"Sunil san is an excellent tutor of the Japanese language. He is very knowledgeable and focussed on delivering a professional service and achieving the outcomes that his students wishes. I would highly recommend Sunil san as a Japanese tutor. "
Vikram Nain

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