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Each level of the language requires a functional knowledge of it’s previous level , however , the first level is open to all those who wish to learn. Irrespective of age , special learning needs , responsibilities , commitments and impossible travel schedules , we will cater to your needs. Take your french classes in gurgaon from Global Diction Studio. 

Our faculties are extremely dedicated to bring about a holistic development in each student’s cultural awareness and language proficiency , they seek only that their student respect their time and efforts and welcome the new language with an open mind and open arms. Complete your french language course classes in Gurgaon

We collaborate with the corporate sector as well as the education industry to help you seamlessly transition through these boundaries of language

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French Language Course In Gurgaon

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The official French curriculum comprises of six levels out of which we recommend that the student complete at-least four to attain a fluency which is why we provide french classes in Gurgaon.

A1 Beginner

This is an intensive module for absolute beginners. The emphasis in this course is on acquiring a sound knowledge of the structure of the language as well as basic vocabulary and cultural insights while developing the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


A2 Survival

This course aims at the intermediate learner and will consolidate, develop, and extend listening, speaking, reading and writing skills and translation. You will learn to speak about your personality, how you relate to family, friends, and colleagues


B1 Practical Level

You will be introduced to numerous cultural aspects of France like: the artists, the education and justice protocols of France, French history, and numerous media.This module also focuses on French cinema.You will study both full-length feature films and extracts grouped thematically. Our french classes in Gurgaon provides you intense knowledge about the language.

B2 Conversational

Its aims are to strengthen and widen the linguistic knowledge , to consolidate student’s vocabulary and improve their knowledge of written and spoken French through immersion in a variety of texts, practice in translation skills. You will learn to speak about your identity, roots, immigration, relationships, body and health, towns and their evolution.


C1 Advance

Advanced proficiency in writing, speaking and comprehending French. It focus on translation into French and English and the development of analytical skills in the production of written and spoken French.




C2 Proficient

Communicate with native speakers to perfect your French. Effortlessly comprehend vast complexities of the language and express yourself precisely in a spontaneous, fluent way, conveying finer shades of meaning precisely.




French is an international language of aeronautics, architecture, dance, visual arts, theatre, fashion, haute cuisine. Learning French Language is as beneficial as fashionable it may sound. The wish to learn a foreign language differ from person to person, some want to just learn it as a form of passion or some for a career in the same. In India learning French will never be a waste of time. Most of the MNCs in India are from Europe and majority of them have been originated in France. French is the only language spoken across all the five continents other than English and it is also the second most taught language after English. At Global Diction Studio we understand your need to learn an additional foreign language to enhance your personality and future prospects. To be able to communicate with someone, one has to know the language;hence our main focus remains on oral understanding of phonetics of the language. Global Diction Studio is providing different french language courses online as well as offline at a very competitive price with the well trained and experienced faculty classes in Gurgaon. The classes can be accustomed to your learning needs. The basic, intermediate and proficient levels give you different levels of command over the language. Our French language course classes in Gurgaon follow the guidelines of Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) so you get to give French proficiency examination, that is, DELF/DALF.

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