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Each level of the language requires a purposeful knowledge of its previous level; however, the first level is open to all those who wish to learn irrespective of age, special learning needs, responsibilities, commitments and impossible travel schedules, we will cater to your needs. With Arabic language course in Gurgaon you will get the right guidance of your interest.

Our faculties for Arabic language course in Gurgaon are extremely dedicated to bring about a holistic development in each student’s cultural awareness and language proficiency , they seek only that their student respect their time and efforts and welcome the new language with an open mind and open arms.

We collaborate with the corporate sector as well as the education industry to help you seamlessly transition through these boundaries of language

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INR 16,000

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The official Arabic curriculum comprises of six levels out of which we recommend that the student complete atleast four to attain a fluency

Beg. Level 1

Perform within the most immediate, predictable areas of need, using essentially conversational Arabic. This is an intensive module for Arabic classes in Gurgaon absolute beginners. The emphasis in this course is on acquiring a sound knowledge of the structure of the language while developing the speaking, listening, reading and writing skills.


Beg. Level 2

Develop competence in a range of language tasks performed in familiar work and social contexts, enhance skills in reading and listening and corroborate the knowledge and use of Arabic grammar and pattern. We provide you with the best Arabic language course in Gurgaon.



Int. Level 1​

Gain the competence of a native speaker in terms of translation and confidently participate more actively in work, study and social context in Italy by our excellent Arabic classes in Gurgaon.


Int. Level 2

Strengthen reading, writing skills and the communicative skills acquired so far. Get further insights into the culture of UAE. When there is a one stop destination for various language courses why to be confused? Get a great learning with our effective Arabic classes in Gurgaon by the best Arabic tutors. 


Adv. Level 1

Arabic language course in Gurgaon focuses on developing linguistic and cultural competence in using Arabic language in different social situations, and socialize effectively in the native speaking countries. Students will also learn by reflecting on their own strengths, weaknesses and strategies in language learning.


Adv. Level 2

 Increase intercultural-social awareness and practical communication in business in/with the Arabic community. Arabic classes in Gurgaon help you in learning, by reflecting on your own strengths, weaknesses and strategies in language learning.


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